We are proud to announce our first Regional Gathering Event in Buenos Aires, Argentina, taking place May 23-24, 2012. There will be a traditional conference on the first day with several tracks of workshops and talks, followed by a second full day of Open Space, where attendees can propose topics and vote on sessions

Stay tunned for more information to come! Call for Papers and Registration are open!

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SGBA2012 Team

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Registration to the conference it’s open. Reserve your place in the main Latinamerican event of the year: register now!.


We invite you to visit the conference program. Two full days of sessions with local, regional and international experts.

Keynote Speakers

Conoce a los oradores principales de esta primera edición del Evento
  Alan Cyment

Xavier Quesada Allue

Alan Cyment loves seeing software development from a human perspective.  He strives for honest, passion-driven, great-but-not-perfect emergent design. For software for humans, rather than machines; looking people in the eyes, rather than reading e-mail. He organized the first open CSM certification in Latin America in 2006, created the largest, most active agile-software related discussion group in Spanish.

Alan is currently one of the few native Spanish-speaking CST in the world, and is continually aiming at expanding the frontiers of Scrum, especially in countries where agility is finding it hard to make its way forward.

Xavier Quesada Allue is a trainer, consultant, speaker and author specializing in the areas of Software Development Agile and Lean thinking applied to service organizations and product development. You can follow his experiences with Scrum and Lean Visual Management Blog.

His reputation as one of the best Lean / Agile / Scrum experts in Belgium, Spain and Latin America is supported by the many organizations in which he has successfully introduced lean thinking and agile methodologies.

More information on the Keynote Speakers section.